Welcome to the Manitoba potato research group

Your resource for cutting-edge potato research in the friendly province of  Manitoba!

Who We are


The Manitoba Potato Research Committee represents the industry with members from the Keystone Potato Producers Association, Peak of the Market, the Seed Potato Growers Association, the Chipping Potato Grower Association of Manitoba, McCain Foods (Canada), Simplot Canada II, Manitoba Agriculture, and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

Three of these partners (the Keystone Potato Producers Association, McCain Foods (Canada), and Simplot Canada II) constitute the Manitoba Horticulture Productivity Enhancement Centre (MHPEC) inc. 

MHPEC inc acts as the industry partner in managing the Canada-Manitoba Crop Diversification Centre (CMCDC). MHPEC shares this responsibility with the federal and provincial governments.

CMCDC's programs are broadly classified as water and irrigation, applied potato research, environmental, and crop diversification. This partnership between the three partners provides a unique opportunity for collaborative research which amplifies the scale and significance of research that can be done.


The goal of the Manitoba Potato Research Committee is to provide leadership and vision through cooperation, coordination and strategic collaborations between industry members and the scientific community, resulting in the development of a provincial research program that will ensure the long term sustainability of the potato industry in Manitoba.  

What we do



Do you have a something you are seeing in the field that you think is holding back the potential of your potato crop?

Are you wondering if there are factors that you cannot see that have large or small effects on your crop?

We strive to document your concerns, study them at greater length, and enact science-based solutions, products, or strategies to improve the well-being of the industry and the commodities potatoes can produce!



The development of science-based solutions for the potato industry can only get us so far if we don't have input from you and our community! 

We also strive to share our research conclusions with you for your evaluation, practice, and feedback. 

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